Before & After

To truly appreciate redesigned and repurposed furniture, take a look at some of these pieces before we restored them. The results speak for themselves.

This beat up filing cabinet was repurposed to be a sleek, modern kitchen cart.

We gave an early 40s Philco Radio Cabinet a makeover; now it’s a convenient (and spectacular) lighted storage space.

We redesigned this short cabinet to include seating– and to look fantastic!

From battered old ash can to trendy new table.

These chairs had a bad case of “boring,” but not anymore!

We took a dull and scratched countertop radio and turned it into a cute space for storing jewelry, keys, or other small objects.

This English antique dresser didn’t look like much, but we saw it had the potential to be lovely.

“Sometimes a repurposing idea just comes to you,” says John—like the idea of turning a headboard into a nifty coatrack.

A beautifully carved chair with lion’s head armrests, restored and made much more comfortable.

This shell of a radio cabinet experienced a major resurrection; with storage for video games, movies, or poker gear, it’s the perfect accent for your mancave.

This plain round coffee table was in desperate need of a little style.